What You Need to Ask Your Church Before Your Wedding

Theresa + Eric

University Christian Church

Have you always dreamed of saying your vows in the church you attended as a child, or during college, or maybe even where you first met your fiance? So many of our couples begin their wedding planning by securing the date at the church that means the most to them. And this can be such a beautiful way to start your journey as husband and wife.

That said, before you lock in your date, there are some helpful things to discuss with the church coordinator. While we’re experienced in photographing in all kinds of lighting conditions, and respecting the various rules each church sets, knowing what these policies look like ahead of time can be extremely helpful in your planning process. And, it can be important information to keep in mind before hiring other vendors.

After all, you want to make sure your wedding team is able to play by the rules, when it comes to your church of choice… and that the rules are ones you can live with, yourself.

Some good questions to ask…

How long will the ceremony be, or can you request a shorter or longer version?

Can you pick your officiant?

Do you need to be a member of the congregation to have your church there?

Do they allow photography and/or videography during the ceremony itself?

Are any portions of the ceremony off limits?

Where are photographers allowed to stand?

Is flash photography allowed?

When are photographs in the sanctuary permitted? (Some allow photos before and after the ceremony, some do not. Most have strict time limits, which is important to keep in mind and discuss with your photographer.)

Is decor permitted, and if so where? Will your flowers need to stay at the church as a gift (meaning they won’t be repurposed for your reception decor)? Can they be hung on the aisles, in what method… ? etc.

Will you meet with your officiant beforehand?

Is pre-marital counseling through the church required?

Is there a designated space for you to get ready, and if so, what does that look like?

What rules are there while you’re on premises during this time of preparation?

Is there a limit on how big your bridal party can be?

Knowing what is expected during your ceremony will help you plan accordingly, and make sure you have a team on board that will make this very sacred part of the day go as smoothly as possible, while also capturing those moments both respectfully and beautifully.


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