Who Will Help You Into Your Wedding Dress?

Miranda + Drew

Wedding at The Dallas Arboretum

This is your big day! You’ve planned, waited and dreamed for this day and now it’s finally here! Have you thought about who might be helping you get into your dress? Maybe the answer seems obvious, “of course my mom is going to help me!”, however this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you want your sister to help as well as your mom. Maybe a beloved aunt or a step-mother or your best friend? Whoever it is that is going to help you during this special moment is going to need to know a few things. First, they need to be informed that you want them to help you get ready. Second, they need to know what time you plan on getting dressed so that they can be sure and be in the room on time. Third, they need to be dressed before you.

Putting on your wedding dress can be an emotional moment and it’s usually when everything starts feeling real because you’re so close to taking that walk down the aisle. Whoever it is that you choose to be by your side at that time is going to be in the photos we take and will be a part of that moment throughout time. This is why we encourage them to be dressed in their wedding attire so that they aren’t forever in their PJ’s in the photos. We want everyone to look their best!

We will usually ask you who you plan on helping you get into your dress so that we can help guide them and make sure they are where they need to be!


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