Why Your Getting Ready Location Matters

Abbey + Brandon

Getting Ready at Wedding and Ceremony at Robert Carr Chapel

When it comes to choosing where to put on your wedding dress, there are a lot more considerations than you might think.

Getting ready photos are not just for logistics, after all. I mean, you do need to get dressed. But this is also such a special time you’ll share with your closest friends and family. If you care about capturing those moments, then here are some questions to consider when choosing your getting ready location.

  • Is the space big enough to comfortably fit your bridal party?
  • Is there any storage? (If not, we’ve seen bridal suites become basically trashed before it’s time to get ready, which can be hard to undo quickly when it’s time for photos.)
  • Is there a natural light source, like a large window? Not only is natural light great for photos, it can also help your makeup artist ensure your look is natural indoors and out.
  • Is there a pretty spot to hang the dress? (Not only is this helpful for photos, it’s also a great way to help ease wrinkles out of your gown.)

And perhaps the most important consideration of all, do you want to see your fiancé before you get to the church?

Many of our couples want to do a first look, and doing so at a beautiful hotel (for instance!) can allow you to share transportation to the chapel, itself.

A first look earlier in the day ensures you get to spend more time together, and often helps calm nerves. Choosing a getting ready location with a nice and pretty (and private!!) area allows the two of you to have a special moment, before easing into the rest of the day, and allows you to head to the chapel, together, with your friends, instead of arriving separately.


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