Taking Time to Enjoy the Moment

Haley + Evan Grey

Ceremony at Robert Carr Chapel – TCU

Moments are what make your wedding day special and unique to you. Authentic moments are what we are looking for and for me they are what I get most excited to capture. And if you’re not taking time to be in the moment and enjoy your day then they may get missed and not happen naturally. People always ask me what my favorite part of a wedding day is, and the truth is it’s always changing based on the couple and based on their day. For Haley & Evan Grey one of my very favorite parts of the day was right after they exited the church. They were so incredibly excited that they were finally married, they spent a little more time outside of the church to soak up that fleeting moment of literally being just married. This is when emotions were at their highest for Evan Grey and he so sweetly let the tears go that he had been holding back throughout the ceremony where with another couple the emotions may have been highest at a different part of the day. Whatever the case, just live in the moment. Take the time to be together whenever you can. This is when the magic happens and this is what we go crazy for!


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