Tips To Enjoy Your Wedding Reception

Haley + Evan Grey

Reception at The Colonial Country Club

You have meticulously planned your wedding day because when the lights get dimmed and the band hits the stage you know you want to party! Couples can feel so much pressure to visit with everyone, get pulled away for pictures or interrupted for farewells. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to so here are my top 3 tips to enjoy your wedding reception!

1 – Get the mingling done early!
If visiting with each table/guest is high on your list of importance there are a few things you can do:
– Enjoy a private dinner during cocktail hour so that you can dedicate the time when your guests are eating to mingling and chatting with all the tables
– Make it a game! Have your entertainment play a song of your choice with the challenge that you get a photo with each table grouping before it’s over. This will ensure you get all your guests in a photo with you so there will be less pressure for pics later in the night – except for fun ones on the dance floor!
– Focus on spending time with guests that are most important to you or that you know will leave after cake and coffee (Grandparents are often out the door after their cup of decaf unless they love to dance.)

2 – Let the guests come to you!
Once open dancing has begun if you missed anyone in your earlier mingling or people want to connect they will come and find you. They can say their goodbyes on the dance floor or snap a selfie.

3 – Have a plan for connection!
Before the big day talk with your fiancé about what parts of the night are you both looking forward to and find a way to honor each other. Does your groom want to hang by the bar with his buddies while you imaging belting out your favorite song with your sorority sisters? That is ok to have different goals but you still want to enjoy the night together. Create a plan for when you will both be on the dance floor or a part of the night when hanging by the bar will be the goal. Ask your planner to include a private last dance so you can connect one last moment in your wedding reception space.

If you need help making sure you get to enjoy the parts of the night you want to enjoy just ask us! Haley and Evan Grey wanted to be sure that they 1. weren’t separated too much throughout the night and 2. that they got to dance as much as possible. I was happy to help make sure that those things happened if I needed to! Believe me, we want you to have as much fun as you possibly can and not miss anything!


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