Let’s Dance!

Hailey + Tyler | Wedding Reception at The Fort Worth Club

Fort Worth, TX

You have been counting down the days until you say I do. Yes, you are super excited to get married but maybe you are also really looking forward to the reception! I love a good party and my favorite weddings I spend hours on the dance floor alongside you and your guests.

But how do you make sure you enjoy your reception and don’t feel like you spent too much time mingling?

Here are my top 4 ways to ensure you make it to the dance floor:
1 – Private Dinner – Before you are announced at your reception you can enjoy a private dining experience in another space. This gives you time one on one (so needed!), dress bustling and making sure you actually eat. Then during dinner while guests are eating you can dedicate that time to visiting with each table.
2 – Recruit a Friend (or your planner) – Ask someone to travel around the room with you while you visit with guests. Have them give you a signal after a few minutes at each table so you don’t leave anyone out or get stuck. They can also pull you away if needed, keep your drink topped off and grab your photographer if you want a photo with anyone. (We won’t be far away.)
3 – Concentrate your table to table visits on your mature guests and family members you know might not stay until exit time. We all know that some of our guests will depart after cake & coffee. Make sure those people feel the love by getting some face time in within them pre-cake.
4 – Know your timeline – Having a good working understanding of your timeline will help you know the major time markers throughout the night. Toasts may help you remember that means you have 2.5 hours left to enjoy the party. Tosses or late night snacks might trigger the fact that you have less than hour to go! Don’t get caught off guard when your entertainment announces the last song, it always goes too fast!

Most importantly – don’t worry – if your loved ones want some face time with you they will kick off their heels and meet you on the dance floor. They will sing along with you and grab the selfie they wanted. It’s your day and you should enjoy your party!

Hailey and Tyler absolutely enjoyed their party and you can see it in all of the photos! I love it!


A special thank you to all of the wedding day partners:

Tami Winn Events

Fort Worth Club

Starr Beauty Co.

Grand Events

Manhattan Band

Beyond – Lighting

Center Stage Floors

LeForce Entertainment – Photo Booth