Incorporating Your Fur Babies on The Wedding Day

Hailey + Tyler | Wedding Ceremony at The Fort Worth Club

Fort Worth, TX

We love when you bring your pups to your engagement session, but we love it even more when we also get to see them at the wedding! When your fur babies are in fact your babies, sometimes incorporating them into the wedding with specialty cocktails named after them, cakes that look like them, or their faces on napkins isn’t quite going to cut it so what do you do? Have them stand with you as you say “I do” of course!! Now, obviously you’ll need to make sure your venue will allow dogs. If it’s not possible to have them stand with you at the altar, maybe you can have them with you while you get ready. Or you can have someone bring them to a nearby park or outdoor area where we can take your photos with them in your wedding attire. I’ve seen all of these scenarios workout so well! I’ve even had a couple do a first look with their dogs, and I am all about it. The only other really important thing besides making sure they are allowed at and around your venues, is to make sure you have someone designated to get them there, keep track of them throughout the day and to get them home. I would highly suggest finding a professional service to do this for you, that way you don’t have to ask a friend to miss part of your wedding to take care of the dogs. Also, check with your florist to see if they can make a special collar or flower crown for them to wear during pictures, because it is their day too after all!


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