Should We Take Engagement Photos?

Elizabeth + Scott

Fort Worth Botanical Garden, Downtown

Should we take engagement photos? There are a lot of reasons you might be asking that question. What will you do with the images? We had our proposal photographed… do we really need another session? What are the benefits of taking engagement photos with our wedding photographer? How long will they take, and where will they do them…?

The short answer is YES! And not just because, as photographers, we do love photos. 

An engagement session offers a number of benefits to you and your fiance, most importantly that it can help make the two of you feel so much more comfortable in front of the camera, and with your photographer. This will not only make you feel more relaxed on the wedding day, but will also help ensure an even better experience. Because you’ll already have a level of trust built. And you’ll know what you liked in photos. (Some guidance and posing can feel unnatural at first. But by the end of most sessions our clients rave that not only did they have fun, they started to feel more like themselves in front of the camera. That’s a total win, and really does go a long way in ensuring you look and feel great in your wedding photos, as well.)

Secondly, your engagement photos can be a great resource for designing Save the Dates, updating your wedding website, creating cute table displays for your reception, not to mention gifting family, who will likely want to display them at your various bridal, wedding, and other showers between now and your wedding day! A guestbook is another fun way to use your engagement photos, and we offer gorgeous designs you’ll love to see for years to come, on your coffee table or bookshelf.

An engagement session is also a great time to try a makeup and hair artist. While most brides opt for a more natural look for engagement photos than they might on the wedding day, it’s still a good chance to ensure the artist is a good fit for you, both personality and style-wise. You’ll also get a feel for how they operate their business. Were they timely in scheduling, and efficient the day of your appointment? Did they make you feel relaxed? Did they listen to your feedback?

Last but not least, planning a wedding can be stressful! And make life even busier than usual. The engagement session is sort of like a guaranteed date night. It’s a chance to reconnect, to talk about what you’re excited about, and to bounce ideas off each other – and us – about things you’re still trying to figure out… the wedding day will be fast-paced and have an energy all its own. Your engagement photos are a chance to slow down and enjoy this chapter in your story. And we think every couple deserves – even needs – a chance to do that.