What to Wear for Engagement Portraits

Sarah + Danny

Engagement Session at The Dallas Arboretum

Wondering what to wear for your engagement portraits?  It is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes time to step in front of the camera.  Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure your outfits look flattering and visually interesting.

  1. One of our favorite things is when our clients are not afraid to layer clothing in males and females. Layering offers an additional dimension, definition of your body shape and interest to your photos.
  2. Make sure you are dressing appropriately for the season in which your photos are taken. If it is winter, layer up! If it is summer dress in lighter clothing. It may be wise for men to avoid long sleeves and suit jackets during summer months. If weather is expected to be hot bring along extra clothes in case you perspire and stain your clothing, it’s always good to have backup’s!
  3. We encourage our clients not be afraid of bright colors or patterns. If you love patterns and bright colors EMBRACE IT!!! You can always mix a bright with a neutral if you are afraid of all over color.
  4. Make sure the colors you are wear are complimentary but not matching. We warn against wearing white shirts and jeans or something to that liking as we prefer you not end up on an awkward family photo blog!
  5. If you are going to buy new clothes make sure you buy silhouettes that you know flatter your body. We suggest staying away from the loose clothing. An outfit that is tailored or cinched and emphasizes the smalls part of your waist is always flattering.

When in doubt, go with what you love! Wear things that make you feel pretty and are complimented by your friends.