Why You Should Wear Your Veil in Your Bridal Portraits


Bridal Portraits at The Fort Worth Club

At Bridal portraits the number one thing we are asked is should I put my veil in now or later? While visiting with your beauty team brides are often told to do photos without their veil first then put it in so it doesn’t mess up their hair. I have a totally different take, wear it the entire time! Why? Let me break it down.

On the wedding day you are only going to wear your veil for a few hours. Typically the ceremony and portraits right before/after. The rest of the day you are able to show off your hair/look with out the veil. The bridal portrait is a great time to get the most out of that beautiful veil.

When imagining the portraits you want displayed at your home or your Mothers do you see yourself in full bridal glory – veil and all? If so then you should wear your veil the entire session. Without fail, when a bride wants to take it in and out they will fall in love with a photograph without it yet feel conflicted about selecting it for printing it becauseā€¦..no veil! In over 17 years of wedding photography very few of our brides who had a veil selected a photo for printing without one. Hearing brides conflicted over what to order because we had taken their veil out was the number one reason we moved to this philosophy.

A veil is something you can hold on to, play with for some movement and generally softens the posing options. Maybe you’re familiar with the Talladega Nights Movie quote “I’m not sure what to do with my hands.” Your veil gives you options for what to do with those hands!

It’s beautiful. Let’s be real, long cathedral length, finger tip touching, blusher, simple or ornate the veil makes your ensemble feel completely bridal.

Not a veil girl? That’s ok – if you are not wearing one for your wedding then feel no pressure to wear one at the bridals. But if you have one I am always pro wearing it!