How to have the Perfect Sparkler Exit

Kelly + Michael

River Crest Country Club

When trying to decide what type of grand exit you want to have, it’s also important to think about your venue and the kind of space that they have and what they allow. This is especially important if you are wanting to have a sparkler send off. You want to be sure that there is plenty of room for guests to line up and that they are far enough apart that they won’t burn each other or you as you make your way to your getaway vehicle. A venue like River Crest is an excellent example as it has both types of spaces. Here you can exit down the grand staircase and out the front doors right to the car. In this case you would want to use something like flutter-fetti, rose petals or streamers. Something that can be used indoors but will still make a statement. They also have a long pathway on the bottom level of the club that makes for the perfect place to have a sparkler sendoff. It provides a long enough path to make the sparklers look great in your photos but also just enough room for you to feel safe walking underneath them. You can see from Kelly and Michael’s exit, just how great it looks!


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