Is a First Look Right For You?

Kelly + Michael

River Crest Country Club + St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Have you been feeling conflicted on the first look trend? A first look is a time before the wedding where the couple see each other for the first time. It is private, allows for connection and it’s non-traditional. There are benefits to seeing each other before the ceremony but the most important thing is for you to be authentic to your mission and desires.

Have you long envisioned your soon to be spouse seeing you on the arm of your Dad as you walk down the aisle? Are you a traditional leaning person? Then a first look may not be for you, and that is OK! We think you should always do what you want, it is your day!

But if you have been thinking about doing a first look here are our top 4 reasons for doing a first look:
1 – Time – It will put time on your side and allow you to slow down on the wedding day. Photos don’t have to be scrunched into 30 minute windows and you can have a relaxed vibe to your timeline.
2 – Nerves – Are you (or your fiancĂ©) a nervous kind of person? If so the first look can help because when you are feeling out of sorts you typically turn to your favorite person for comfort. On the wedding day that is the one person you don’t traditionally see. So with a first look you can spend some time together and connect.
3 – Lighting – If you are getting married in the winter or right at sunset when your ceremony ends it may be dark outside. If outdoor, sunlit photos are important to you then a first look ensures that you can get those sunny daylight photos.
4 – You LOVE photos – Photos are your top priority and you want options. A first look can allow for some time off site (with the two of you and your wedding party) or more spots at your venues. It also allows us to knock out all those family formals you want.

Check out the images below to see an example of how the first part of your day could go with a first look.


Thank you to the following vendors who made this wedding possible:

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