Sydnie + Bryant | First Look and Wedding Ceremony at Marie Gabrielle

I love first looks!  It’s one of my favorite things to photograph.  Sydnie and Bryant were so cute right before they saw each other.  I may have tortured Bryant a little bit and asked him what he thought her dress looked like and stalled while we got Sydnie set and ready.  He was so sweet with his answers.  He basically said he didn’t really know what her dress would look like but that he knew she’d be beautiful no matter what.  When Sydnie was ready we told him to turn around and he kind of hesitated for a minute to gather himself and made her laugh.  Then he did turn around and finally got to see his bride.  I heard him tell her the same thing he told me, that he knew she’d be beautiful no matter what her dress looked like and then she began to show off her amazing gown to her future hubby.  

It was time for the ceremony and everyone had taken their seats.  The sun was shining and people were even watching from the hotel balcony across the street.  It was the perfect setting.  As Sydnie made her way down the aisle on her daddy’s arm, she stopped and I heard “I’m stuck” a couple of times.  Her poor heel had gotten caught in the grass!   Now, I feel like many brides might have been a little upset in this situation, but not Sydnie.  This is one of those times that makes your wedding uniquely yours and she totally owned it!  I love those quirky little moments that help make memories that you’ll never forget.  The rest of the ceremony was beautiful and smooth sailing.  They said their vows, shared their first kiss and safely made their way back up the aisle with the biggest smiles on their faces!

I cannot express how much I love this amazing couple.  They are so perfect together and are just amazing people individually and as a couple.  Even the way they met will just make you weep little tears of joy, it’s so precious!

“Bryant and I met at orientation for law school at SMU. We sat next to each other, and ironically one of the speakers that day said to look to your left and right because you may end up married to one of your classmates.” – Sydnie

I mean that is the stuff of fairytales right there!  Check out some of my favorites from their first look and ceremony.