Sydnie + Bryant | Wedding Day Preparations

My oh my!  What an amazing day.  I mean could you have asked for a more perfect day for Sydnie and Bryant’s garden wedding? The answer is no.  No, you could not!  I remember my first meeting with Sydnie and Bryant and them being worried about the weather a year out!  Which is understandable and a risk you need to be willing to take for an outdoor wedding in April in Texas!  They took the risk, everyone prayed and God blessed them with amazing weather!
We started the day off with Sydnie and her girls over at The Stoneleigh Hotel.  Sydnie was all smiles as she was preparing for the big day.  It was such a blast hanging out with her and her girls.  Sydnie has such a happy and positive personality and it’s hard not to be in a good mood when you’re around her.  Her excitement for the day was definitely contagious!  When we got to Marie Gabrielle, it was time to get dressed and Sydnie wanted to make sure that she surprised everyone.  She had a fun reveal with her bridesmaids, who then prayed over her, Bryant and their marriage.  Then it was time for the big reveal with her dad.  This was one of many amazing moments of the day.  When her dad turned around and saw his little girl in her wedding dress on her wedding day, the flood gates were released.  It took a couple of minutes but he eventually couldn’t hold it in anymore and you could just see how proud he was of his daughter and how much he loves her.  I had to try to keep myself from crying!  What a tender moment.  
Sydnie had one more reveal planned and that was for Bryant to see her before the ceremony, but you’ll have to wait for my next post for that one!  Check back for more amazing moments!