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Wondering what to wear for your engagement portraits?  It is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes time to step in front of the camera.  Here are some of our tips and tricks to make sure your outfits look flattering and visually interesting.
One of our favorite things is when our clients are not afraid to layer clothing in males and females. Layering offers an additional dimension, definition of your body shape and interest to your photos.
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Make sure you are dressing appropriately for the season in which your photos are taken. If it is winter, layer up! If it is summer dress in lighter clothing. It may be wise for men to avoid long sleeves and suit jackets during summer months. If weather is expected to be hot bring along extra clothes in case you perspire and stain your clothing, it’s always good to have back up’s!
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We encourage our clients not be afraid of bright colors or patterns. If you love patterns and bright colors EMBRACE IT!!!  You can always mix a bright with a neutral if you are afraid of all over color.
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Make sure the colors you are wear are complimentary but not matching. We warn against wearing white shirts and jeans or something to that liking as we prefer you not end up on an awkward family photo blog!
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If you are going to buy new clothes make sure you buy silhouettes that you know flatter your body. We suggest staying away from the loose clothing. An outfit that is tailored or cinched and emphasizes the smalls part of your waist is always flattering.
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When in doubt, go with what you love!  Wear things that make you feel pretty and are complimented by your friends.  We love this quote by one of our REAL brides:
“Like most brides, I did tons of research and read lots articles about what to wear for your engagement session. When the time came to pick an outfit, I threw the advice out the window and did what I thought would be best. I was sadly mistaken. The best advice I can give you is to dress like the girl your fiance fell in love with. He didn’t fall in love with a picture in a magazine. Wear what you know looks good on you, not someone else. Don’t use this time to break out new styles or trends. Be YOU.”
So get to shopping, raid your own closet and start planning your engagement portrait outfits!  When in doubt reach out to us for help by shooting us over some photos of the looks you are considering.  Remember that you will need 2 outfits for a 2 hour session and 1 outfit for a 1 hour or mini shoot.  For further ideas and inspiration see our Pinterest board of engagement photos.

What to Wear – Bridal PortraitsFAQ

The brides look sets the tone for the wedding day and here are some tips for bridal portraits & the big day!

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FITTINGS – Now that you have selected ‘the one’ (your gown, not the groom) the next step is a flawless fit. Invest in your alterations and bustling. The bustle is what pulls the train of your gown up off the floor so you can comfortably dance. This is a separate charge from your fitting fees so please remember to ask your seamstress or dress store about what style of bustle will best accentuate the cut & style of your dress.

UNDERGARMENTS – Finding the right undergarments is also important, you want to feel sexy & aid the way the dress fits. Hunt out the right foundation to your style: a great bra, corset or a full body support system to make sure you feel sexier & thinner. When in doubt return to your dress boutique, they can always help you with style choices.

SHOES – Have fun & show off your personality and style from a super chic colored shoe to traditional white. Wear your shoes at home ahead of time to break them in.  We have brides that swear by wearing them with athletic socks around the house before the wedding to make them more comfy.  If your selection might be a bit uncomfortable plan an alternate like ballet flats. Bring both options to your bridal portrait and put a trusted bridesmaid in charge of the alternate pair for the reception.

HAIR & MAKEUP – Staying true to your style is key when it comes to hair and makeup. Let your artists know exactly what you want. Photo retouching is costly and not available on all those cell phone photos your friends are bound to take so make sure you look flawless in all photos by hiring pros.  If you have extensions find a hairdresser that is familiar styling them.  To wear your hair up or down – that is always the question!  We love your hair either way but do think about your wedding day personality – if you imagine yourself rarely leaving the dance floor than an up-do is bound to look more flawless all night long!

FLOWERS – Ask your florist if she can provide you with a trial bouquet for your bridal portrait.  This is a great chance to see a trial run of your wedding day floral and make sure that the colors and stems are just what you were envisioning.

WHEN – This session needs to be scheduled 1 or more months in advance of your wedding and you should have your entire look, head to toe the day of the session. For your bridal location we suggest sharing images of your gown with us and discussing the feeling you want for your portrait. Be aware that indoor and specialty locations must be scheduled and fees apply.  What if you aren’t having bridal portraits?  Don’t worry we will still photograph you alone and achieve a beautiful portrait of you in your dress the day of the wedding.


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