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Sandi Graham Dietitian Headshots


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi Graham, a dietitian in Arlington, TX. I got to photograph her for her website she is currently working on. Since I turned  30 this past year I am beginning to try and take better care of myself so it was great speaking with Sandi in regards to make sure you take the correct path to health through eating well and exercising. Here are some of my favorites from her studio head shot session.

Sarah Rizy

Michelle Connolly {Head Shots} – Photographer & Friend

If you have gotten married in the last year you may have had this lovely lady as an assistant or second photographer at your wedding.  Michelle has been such a blessing to us and we are super sad to see her go but excited about what the future has for her.  In just a few weeks she will be getting married and joining her hubby in Arkansas.  There she will be launching her business and starting a life as  Mrs.  Before she left we needed to make sure she had some great images of her looking beautiful to use on her photography website and blog.  Michelle, we love you and a huge THANKS for all your hard work.

-Tracy Autem