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Sandi Graham Dietitian Headshots


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi Graham, a dietitian in Arlington, TX. I got to photograph her for her website she is currently working on. Since I turned  30 this past year I am beginning to try and take better care of myself so it was great speaking with Sandi in regards to make sure you take the correct path to health through eating well and exercising. Here are some of my favorites from her studio head shot session.

Sarah Rizy

Rachell & Adam-A HEB Wedding at Hurst Convention Center


Last weekend I photographed Rachell and Adam at their wedding in the HEB. These two are so sweet to each other and I really enjoyed capturing their day. Both of these two are in the marines, and have been through a lot together. Adam is being deployed soon so the whole day was bittersweet and I am so happy that I got to serve them on their special day before he ships off to serve our country. Some of my favorite moments of the day were shared with the two of them and their families. I could definitely shared that these two lean on them as their rock, and you really have to when you are going through as much as they are as newlyweds. I wish them all the luck in the world and pray that Adam stays safe as he serves our country in the days to come.

-Sarah Halferty