When is the best time to change into your reception attire?

Melissa + John

Highland Park Presbyterian + Arts District Mansion | Dallas, TX

Are you planning on having a wardrobe change for your reception? If so, it’s important to think about the timing of when you will change and what photos you want in your second dress/jacket/outfit. Usually we recommend that you wait until after all of the formal reception activities (first dance, parent dances, cake cutting & toasts) to change into a second outfit. That way you have all of those picture taken in your actual wedding dress before changing into something a little more comfortable. However, there is some reception attire that just needs to have its moment to shine and be introduced from the very beginning. This was the case for Melissa & John. Melissa had chosen to wear her mom’s dress for her ceremony but had a more modern dress she had picked out that was a little more fitting to her personality and John also had a white tux jacket that he was wearing for the reception. Since they wanted to keep the ceremony pretty traditional, we decided their reception outfits would make a great opportunity to do a “first look”. This gave us the chance to get more photos of the two of them at the reception venue with a completely different look. If you’re thinking about changing for your reception, let us know so that we can help you figure out the timing and create a plan of how best to show it off!



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