Trending: Wearing Your Mom’s Dress

Melissa’s Bridal

Highland Park Presbyterian | Dallas, TX

It seems to be trending right now to find a way to wear your mom’s wedding dress! There are many different ways we are seeing our brides wear or use their mom’s dress for their wedding day or wedding weekend. Some are shortening them and wearing them as rehearsal dresses, some choose to wear them as is as part of a family tradition, others are wearing the dress but altering it to make it their own. As for Melissa, she chose to just take the sleeves off of her mom’s dress (which was made by Melissa’s grandmother) and wear it for her ceremony only. She had another dress that was a little more modern and totally fit her personality for the reception! I loved this spin on the trend. She was able to honor her mom during one part of the day but have her own look and style shine through during the party. For her bridal portraits, we decided we needed to let both dresses have their moment!