Top 3 Tips for a Large Bridal Party

Lindsey + Darya

Wedding at Robert Carr Chapel

1 – Choose Venues that Work for Your Party

Starting with venues that can accommodate your large wedding party is so helpful, especially important for you and your girls getting ready. The Fort Worth Club’s bridal suite is a perfect option for big groups, which plenty of space to hang (and steam) dresses, finish makeup, and snack! Always important.

If your venue doesn’t have a spacious bridal suite, we recommend picking a separate location for getting ready where you have plenty of space to spread out, and stow your things during prep photos. That could mean booking a suite at a hotel, a spacious Airbnb, or even using your own home, or your parents’, which can add extra layers of meaning.

2 – Choose a Hair and Makeup TEAM

A hair and makeup team is essential to keeping the day on track. If you’re going to have a large bridal party, it’s important to talk about the timeline with your primary hair and makeup artist, to ensure you have enough staff coming to accommodate your party size. Don’t forget moms and grandmas, too, when considering your final count.

Not having enough artists, or starting too late in the day, are the most common reason things get behind on the wedding day.

3 – Plan Ahead for Extra Photo Time

Months before the big day, discuss your timeline with your photographer. After all, it will take a little longer to photograph 16 bridesmaids with you, than it would with only 3.

In Lindsey’s case, we agreed that extra hours before the ceremony would allow for more fun, and less pressure, when it came to taking formal photos. This actually allowed us to take the full wedding party down to a nearby park, where they could spread out and have a little fun, before heading to the chapel.

It also meant both she and Darya had time for portraits with each of their bridesmaids and groomsmen, rather than only getting large group shots. These happen to be my favorite photos to see pop up on birthdays, and special occasions. But scheduling a little extra time for them is essential, when you have a large bridal party.


Wedding Partners:

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