Indoor or Outdoor Bridal Portraits?


Bridal Portraits at The Lumen Room

When it comes to scheduling your bridal portraits, we always want to take your dress, personality and wedding style into consideration. So should you go indoor or outdoor? With outdoor locations you’re going to have a lot of flexibility and most likely no session fees but you run the risk of potential weather problems. So, if you love the look of the outdoors we say go for it but definitely recommend having an indoor location for backup. Indoor locations can have a lot of different personality, especially when you want a very simple and sleek look that will really put your dress on display. Most indoor locations do have session fees, so just make sure you ask your photographer about booking indoor spaces. You also can do the best of both worlds and choose an indoor location that also has a great outdoor option. This is great because you get both looks but also have a built in bad weather option so you never have to worry about rescheduling!

Mackenzie had such a wonderfully simple and elegant dress and chose the Lumen room which is a clean and white space and really shows off the beauty of her dress.