Are There Still Rules for Wedding Parties?

While it was once tradition that a bride have bridesmaids that stood beside her during her ceremony, wearing matching gowns, carrying matching flowers, in my mom’s case even wearing matching hats(!)… the great news for modern couples is there really aren’t hard rules about what a wedding party looks like.

Big, small, a mix of boys and girls… Anything goes when it comes to who you choose to spend your day with. The key thing is that you’re surrounded by people who love and support you wholeheartedly, people who will add to your joy (and not stress you out).

In Merrissa and Matt’s case they chose to keep their wedding party purposely small, so they could focus on having fun with their nearest and dearest. The bridesmaids each wore a different dress in a similar gorgeous shade of green, perfect for their winter wedding. And in lieu of bouquets they had simple wrist corsages. Matt’s groomsmen also kept things simple with different black suits, and matching green ties.

Knowing they were going to have an hour long traditional Catholic ceremony, Merrissa and Matt also opted to skip the formality of having the wedding party enter. Instead they just came in and sat amongst the guests, allowing their friends to sit with their own spouses and significant others.

I love how this kept the focus on just Matt and Merrissa, while also allowing their friends to be comfortable and close by (her maid-of-honor still helped with her veil and bouquet).

Basically, this is a great reminder that when it comes to your wedding day, you get to make the rules. Making choices that work for you, are so much more important than sticking to “tradition.”


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