Want Authentic, Original Engagement Photos?

Are you hoping for engagement photos that feel fresh and unique, but also authentic to you as a couple?

We love helping you pick engagement locations that fit your style, and that help to tell your unique love story. This can mean looking to your favorite date night spots, the park where you always take your pup, the campus where you met, or even where you got engaged for ideas.

In Megan and Ben’s case, Sundance Square was an easy pick since they love exploring Fort Worth together with their pup, Olson. But for their second location, we opted to do something extra special, and head out to the hangar where Ben keeps his charming little plane, that they all (Olson, too) love taking out on adventures.

By using such a distinct-to-them space, we ensured that the photos felt very them. And that’s ultimately the goal of any engagement session – to make sure the photos reflect this special time in your life. Plus, as a bonus, it should also help make you both feel that much more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day, which is a total win.