Choosing Outdoor Engagement Locations in Winter

Haley + Evan Grey | Engagement Session at Dallas Arboretum + Highland Park

Winter is not always the ideal time of year to plan your portrait session but sometimes it’s the only option that works with your schedule and wedding timeline. So if you’re wanting to have Spring-looking photos what do you do? Well, luckily for us here in Texas it can reach up to 75 or 80 degrees so that takes care of the weather side of things but what about locations? Won’t it look dead everywhere? Not necessarily. We just need to be strategic in what locations you choose. The Dallas Arboretum or another manicured garden is always a great choice. Yes, there may be some bare trees but they have so many areas that are still green and blooming. For Haley and Evan Grey, we decided to pair the Arboretum with some areas in Highland Park. Highland Park is a great spot because you can use different architecture to your advantage and the parks are well maintained and usually still have some green on the trees and surrounding plants. Combining architecture and nature will help you get a full background without looking like you’re just surrounded by dead or dying trees. City streets a urban areas are great options too!