Enjoy Each Other’s Company During Your Ceremony

Grace + Mark

St. Patrick’s Cathedral | Downtown Fort Worth

During your ceremony we love being able to capture all of the emotion you are experiencing. You are in the middle of saying vows and making promises to each other and you may be overcome by tears of joy, laughter or uncontrollable smiling and we say give in to your emotions! Enjoy each other’s company while you stand and listen to readings, sermons and the advice of your officiant. If you have a longer ceremony like Grace and Mark did at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, you will have a lot of time at the altar together. During this time, of course you want to listen to the important things being said and be reverent but that doesn’t mean you have to stand stiff at attention or kneel looking only straight ahead. Be in the moment together! Hold hands, steal little glances at each other, look into each other’s eyes, get cuddly! Not only will this have an impact on your photos but will make your ceremony just that much more meaningful. I loved that while Grace and Mark were at the altar Grace simply reached up to adjust Marks’ tie. The way he is looking at her during that moment is so precious and my favorite kind of moment to capture. If your church’s rules allow it, we will always put ourselves in a position to be able to capture these moments during your ceremony.


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St. Patrick’s Cathedral