Want An Indoor Bridal Session?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to schedule an indoor bridal session, weather being a big one. While we can rent a studio specifically for your session, in some cases using your reception venue makes perfect sense. That was the case for Jennifer’s bridal session, which we had at Howell and Dragon in Dallas.

We knew we wouldn’t get to spend much time in the gorgeous, light-filled foyer of the space during the wedding day. But since she loved the vibe of it, including the dark walls, tall mirrors and vintage-inspired furniture, it made a perfect setting for her bridal portraits.

When looking at indoor location options for bridal portraits there are a few things to consider.

First, is there any natural light available? While we always bring professional lighting equipment, some natural light is key to getting a good variety of portraits.

Second, do you like the color and feel of the space? Many studios feature a great deal of white walls as blank slates. While this can be a very timeless and clean backdrop, if you want a little added drama, having some bold backdrops or walls as options can help.

Third, is there furniture available for a variety of posing options? A sleek chair or stylish couch gives you a chance to take a seat, not just to give your feet a rest, but more importantly to get some classic portraiture of you sitting in your gown.

Finally, is there a mix of indoor and outdoor space available? That is generally ideal. At Howell and Dragon we were able to combine the indoor spaces she loved, with some covered areas outside to keep her cool in the summer heat, but still get some gorgeous images of her outside.