Michaelann + Steven | First Look and Wedding Ceremony at Christ the King Catholic Church

Wow, y’all! That really is all I have to say, is wow! Michaelann and Steven had an amazingly beautiful wedding day. We began over at the Dallas Country Club where they saw each other for the first time. Their first look was incredibly sweet as Steven gave his new bride a very special gift. He had a necklace made out of his great great grandmother’s bracelet. Not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but a family heirloom that can be passed on to their own children one day! Michaelann was absolutely in love with it and had Steven help her put it on right away. I loved witnessing these two together. They are so sweet to each other with little caresses of the cheek or the way Michaelann would push Steven’s hair from his face. They just fit so perfectly together you can’t help but smile when you’re around them. They held their ceremony at Christ the King in Dallas and got a little choked up while reciting their vows. Seriously, these two just stole my heart. I am so excited to share some of my favorite images from the first part of their big day. Check back for more!