April & John | Engagement Session at Airfield Falls and Private Airport

June 6, 2019

April and John are such a fun couple. They came together to meet me at the office, and we laughed a ton during that initial meeting. I love that John is taking equal part in the wedding planning process, and how much these two have in common, including a love of flying.
For their engagement session they wanted to visit my favorite Fort Worth park, Airfield Falls, and then go to John’s office, so to speak, which just so happens to be an airport hangar!
It turns out, a private jet makes a pretty cool backdrop for pictures. In fact, if I had to get stuck in an endless loop, Groundhog Day-style, this would be a pretty great day to get stuck in. It was such a blast getting to know these two!
You guys are absolutely awesome, and I’m so excited to be on this journey with you!
– Jennifer