Meredith & Scott | Wedding Day Preparations at The Statler and Wedding Ceremony at The Carlisle Room

June 4, 2019

You know those people you meet and immediately want to be friends with, because they’re so cool, and so smart, and so talented, and maybe just a little bit because they’re as equally obsessed with their dog and the fried Oreos at the State Fair as you? Well that’s Meredith! So naturally after we met, I became really excited to be photographing her wedding. 

Then I met Scott at their engagement session and my excitement skyrocketed. Because I quickly learned that these two are both cool and smart and super fun. Best of all, they both beam like they won the lottery whenever they’re together. So I knew their wedding day would be one for the ages, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
The Statler was the perfect location for many big moments of their day, from Meredith’s mom helping her into her wedding dress, to Scott seeing his bride for the first time. I love that they chose to spend the morning a block away from their reception space, The Carlisle Room. That meant they got to spend extra time with their family and friends, and enjoy all the sights – and sounds, like strangers on the street shouting “Congratulations!” – of downtown.
They also allowed the beautiful architecture of The Carlisle Room to inspire many of their details, including the gorgeous invitation suite Meredith designed herself! (I told you she was talented.) And that helped make the day both beautiful and personal.
Their ceremony was a tearjerker for both their parents and their wedding party. Fortunately, the band at their reception helped turn those happy tears into dance moves. But you’ll have to come back for that part of their story!
– Jennifer