Lindsey and Nick are such a cute couple. I had a great time at their spring engagement session, first exploring The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, and then at the nearby Airfield Falls.

They are both very laidback, and also really funny. When I asked what they normally like to do for dates, Lindsey laughed and said maybe they should have worn their pajamas to their engagement session, since they love being comfortable when they watch their favorite shows.

These two met at school, not as students but employees. She’s an art teacher. He’s in IT. It definitely seems like fate that they met how they did.

Since she obviously tells it much better, I’ll let Lindsey share the rest of their love story in her own words.

“We met at Oakridge, the school we both work at. I was interviewing and beginning my first year teaching, and he works in the IT department, so he was always in my room helping me set up something. We immediately hit it off as close friends and shortly after started dating! We have only been dating for about 7 months, but we both have known from the beginning that we wanted to spend our lives together.

 We had talked about getting married before, but the proposal was such a surprise. He had met with my parents before and asked their permission, but apparently the plan was to propose in June on a family trip we are taking to the beach. He is really horrible at keeping secrets, and finally he said he could not wait that long!

I got home from work one Friday in February and knew something was different. I was already in my pajamas, just relaxing at our apartment watching Netflix when he stopped the show, pulled out the ring, and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together!

I have never been happier, and it was the best proposal I could ask for, just us two, very personal. I think I cried happy tears for about an hour while Face-timing my family and friends!

With both of us working at a school, we usually get home everyday exhausted and wanting to relax, turning on the tv or a movie and ordering takeout. We both love movies and playing games together. You can usually find us on the weekend ordering sushi, drinking wine, watching movies, and just catching up on ‘us’ time. (We actually attempted to make our own wine!! It turned out…okay…but it was fun just to do together!)

One of my favorite memories we have shared together was our first date. He took me to a Lord Huron concert in Dallas where we really got to know each other, danced and had so much fun! We have done everything from Escape Rooms to Top Golf, explored the Fort Worth botanical gardens, and he has even kept a smile every time I drag him to the Modern to see art.”

Lindsey and Nick, thanks for being such a blast to hang with. I am so excited for your wedding. It’s going to be a beautiful day, that really reflects you as a couple, and I can’t wait!