Becca & Trey | Engagement at Airfield Waterfall and Magnolia Area

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a cuter couple than Becca and Trey. These two cannot help but smile and laugh when they’re together. And I love that about them; their energy is infectious. (In fact, a woman came and handed Becca a rose at the park, to help celebrate their love. It was so unexpected and sweet!)

Of course, they also like to bicker about college football, a lot, which is just as fun in my book. Becca is a TCU grad, while Trey might just be the University of Alabama’s biggest fan. Still, that one major difference aside, it’s plain to see how clearly these two were made for one another.

I seriously put them to work during their engagement session. First, creating their own music for a few practice dance moves, which they nailed. It totally helps that Trey is a music minister well-versed in singing in public. Then, they hiked a waterfall with me, and I am crazy about the results of their braving the cold water!

We ended the night on Magnolia Street in Fort Worth, where they toasted beers at one of their favorite spots, snuggled up by the fire, and even did their best Beatles impression while crossing the street.

Becca and Trey, I am so happy for both of you, and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding! Thanks for being so much fun to be around.