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Kelly Norvell of Bridal Blooms


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of our favorite vendors, Kelly Norvell of Bridal Blooms. It was great getting to finally photograph this special lady, because she did my flowers for my wedding! She is oh so great to work with and I love when my clients select her and her staff to do their floral design. She definitely knows her stuff and will design your flowers with tasteful, gorgeous blooms that will brighten up your wedding day decor!

-Sarah Halferty


Sandi Graham Dietitian Headshots


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi Graham, a dietitian in Arlington, TX. I got to photograph her for her website she is currently working on. Since I turned  30 this past year I am beginning to try and take better care of myself so it was great speaking with Sandi in regards to make sure you take the correct path to health through eating well and exercising. Here are some of my favorites from her studio head shot session.

Sarah Rizy

Michelle Connolly {Head Shots} – Photographer & Friend

If you have gotten married in the last year you may have had this lovely lady as an assistant or second photographer at your wedding.  Michelle has been such a blessing to us and we are super sad to see her go but excited about what the future has for her.  In just a few weeks she will be getting married and joining her hubby in Arkansas.  There she will be launching her business and starting a life as  Mrs.  Before she left we needed to make sure she had some great images of her looking beautiful to use on her photography website and blog.  Michelle, we love you and a huge THANKS for all your hard work.

-Tracy Autem

Tae Turns 30!


Tae is 30 and she is proud of it and I just love her for it! We got together this last week after her 30th birthday weekend bash and captured ALL her sides. Tae is silly, daring, funny, a kid at heart but still beautiful and breath taking.

She has a great sense of style and a love for shoes that I can totally understand. She had a monkey – a real live one – for her birthday and she brought a big stuffed one along for the shoot that was just plain fun. We started the day at Meecham airport and shot in front of a cesna air plane in the hangar which was a first for me. I could talk for a long time about this shoot because she is so multi dimensional and we had a great time laughing and hanging out.

I think you will be able to see a good portion of Tae and how fun she is from the images I selected to share. Congratulations Tae on being 30 years young and knowing how to rock it!