The Top 5 Things You Need to Bring or Plan For Your Bridal Portrait

Haley’s Bridal

The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth

These are the top 5 things you need to bring or plan for your bridal portrait session:

1 – Schedule your hair and makeup with the same team you will be using for the wedding day. This should not be your trial date as you want to make sure your beauty look is chosen ahead of this day. When selecting your portrait date you will want to align your schedule with the photographer & beauty team so don’t forget to check with them before confirming the date and time!

2 – Reach out to your florist about a bridal bouquet at least 3 weeks in advance so they can order the stems for your design.

3 – Have your dress altered so that we can test the fit! Yep, you have tried it on but at a fitting you are mostly standing still or walking a few steps. At the portrait you will wear your gown for about 90 minutes and have time to make sure that it feels comfortable, stays in place and looks perfect!

4 – Select your wedding day accessories and bring them with! Make sure those earrings work with your dress and hair and try out that bracelet you aren’t 100% sure about – the bridals are a great time to make sure you like every element of your bridal attire.

5 – Don’t forget the undergarments! Wear every item you plan on wearing the day of the wedding to make sure they stay in place, are comfortable and don’t show through the gown.

The key thing to remember is that this is a trial run for the wedding – come as if you are going to your big day and you will be set! Then after the session you have a few weeks to make adjustments if something wasn’t comfortable or didn’t look the way you envisioned.