Thoughtful Proposals

Jason + Erin

Proposal at The Fort Worth Stockyards

When photographing a proposal one of the things we get so excited about is the proposal plan. I personally can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how you want to pop that oh so special question! Are you planning something quiet and private because you know crowds make her nervous? Does she love being surrounded by all of her family and friends so you know you want to make it a pretty big production? Maybe a little bit of both so you decide on a proposing in private but surprising her with a party afterwards to include all of your closest family and friends? Whatever the case, we want to help you, however we can, pull of the perfect proposal that she’ll never forget!

In Jason’s case, he was so prepared that he even decided to stop by our office to meet us and talk to us before hiring us to photograph this moment. He talked through his plan with us and it was the sweetest. He knew that Erin would want it to be just about the two of them, so he planned an ice skating date at the Stockyards. It became even more perfect when it actually started raining that day so there was hardly another soul down there and definitely nobody else on the ice. Afterward, they just spent some time skating together and soaking up the moment and then we were able to take a few fun photos around Mule Alley. Instead of heading off to an after party or joining friends and family somewhere, they stayed in the Stockyards and continued to enjoy their time together by going to dinner.

When you really know the person you want to spend your life with and base your proposal plan around what you know they do and don’t like, it will go so smooth that not even freezing rain can ruin it.