Should You Sit or Stand During Toasts?

November 3, 2022

Megan + T.R.

Fort Worth Club

Did you know that we have a specific way we like to photograph toasts? Not many couples do. So here’s our secret… Instead of sitting at your head table (I know you may want to rest your feet before the dance party that’s about to begin, but trust me it’s worth it), we prefer to have you and the person giving the toast to stand on the dance floor. We prefer this for a few different reasons. One, it allows us and your video team to capture your reactions easier and within the context of who is speaking. If you’re seated, we cannot always get your reaction plus the person speaking in the same image. When you’re looking at your wedding photos several years from now, you’ll want to know who was making you laugh, cry or roll your eyes, so it’s important to have them in the photo with you! Two, it allows all of your guests to see you as well. It’s much more of a memorable moment for your parents, friends and family to be able to witness your reaction to the meaningful words being spoken to you and about you. We love to tell a story and when you trust us to make sure you’re in the best possible place, we are able to tell that story even better!


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