Selecting Your Engagement Location

November 2, 2022

Caitlin + Casey

The Adolphus Hotel + AT&T Discovery District

It’s time to plan your engagement session and you are unsure where to go. That is ok, I have your back!

When we start discussing your session I am not going to expect you to know exactly where you want to shoot. We will have a conversation about what types of locations or looks you want for your session or what the two of you are naturally drawn too.

We love incorporating 2 outfits and 2 locations into an engagement session because there are 2 of you! This allows us to pick a spot for each of you so that anyone that sees the images feels they are authentic to you.

So what are some words you might use to describe your desired look/location? Homey, cozy, city, urban, rural, farm, garden, park, body of water, water features, daylight, night time, traditional, romantic….I can go on for ever. When you start combining words to describe the feel you want I immediately have locations popping up in my head to show you and see how you feel about. For Caitlin & Casey they wanted to use their wedding day location for a dressier look but instead of the spots we will use on the wedding day, we used the bar area and let them have a drink to keep it a little more casual. They didn’t want to go too far but still wanted an outdoor spot so we took a quick trip across the street to the AT&T district.

Let’s chat so we can find the perfect location for you! After all, I know all the best spots!