Hope + Cameron | Getting Ready at The Ostreum and Ceremony at Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth

September 10, 2022

Hope and Cameron are high school sweethearts, who wanted their wedding day to be as unique as their love story. And let me tell you, every detail was so them, which I truly think is the highest compliment a wedding can receive.

Before heading to Marty Leonard Chapel, they got ready at their reception venue, The Ostreum, which offered much bigger spaces for their bridal party to prepare in, and allowed them to take full advantage of the chic bridal suite and super cool groom room!

While you might assume you have to get ready at the church or chapel where you’re getting married, it’s often even better to utilize a separate space, where there is more room – and often, much better natural light. Sometimes that means your reception venue. Other times it means renting a hotel suite large enough to comfortably fit your bridal party, and hair and makeup team!

Once at Marty Leonard Chapel, there were incredibly personal touches that helped to make their ceremony extra special. First, two of Hope’s best friends and bridesmaids played the music before the ceremony began. (It helps that they are incredibly talented, obviously.) If you do have gifted musicians in your family, or friend circle, this can be a great way to include their talents.

But most special of all, was that both their dads helped to officiate the ceremony!

Cameron’s father was at the altar as Hope walked down the aisle with her dad, allowing them to share that iconic rite of passage. The men then traded places, so that Hope’s dad could officiate the rest of the ceremony. It was so special to hear directly from him how grateful he is that these two found each other, and how excited both families are to be joined together.

If there is someone in your family who is an ordained minister, or just really good at speaking (and doesn’t mind getting ordained online) this can be a wonderful way to make your ceremony that much more unique and meaningful for the two of you. Just make sure the officiant is willing and able to do a rehearsal beforehand, to cover the basics, so nothing gets left out, like the “you may now kiss the bride,” part, for instance, which we’ve seen overlooked by a novice officiant or two.

You don’t want to miss the unique and personal touches at their super fun wedding reception, either!