Mary Kelly + Jay | Wedding Ceremony at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX

Mary Kelly and Jay are married!!! I cannot say enough how much I love capturing moments and I think some of my favorite moments that happened before the ceremony were between Mary Kelly and her parents. I just absolutely adore their relationships and it was so fun watching her mom help her dress and put in her veil. It was just the two of them and nobody else in the dressing room and you could really feel how deep their mother/daughter bond is. Then when her daddy came in for his first look it just touched my heart. It’s these little moments that nobody else witnesses that I love so much, this family being together as a family of 3 one last time before adding a new member! Mary Kelly and Jay are just the sweetest couple and it was such a pleasure to get to capture their happiest day and witness them become one. Check out all of the sweet moments from the first part of their big day!