Kylee + Matt | Wedding Reception at The Ashton Depot in Fort Worth, TX

Ok, now tell me after looking through their ceremony that Kylee and Matt aren’t just the cutest. And look through the following photos and try to tell me they aren’t absolutely precious! I realize I’ve said the same thing many times but I just can’t help it. I’m gushing over the chemistry between these two! After the ceremony it was party time and party they did. Both Kylee and Matt are dancing machines, but I’m pretty sure I never saw Kylee leave the dance floor! That girl can drop it like it’s hot, and I mean she literally dropped down low in each song. I tried to drop down like that once and I’m pretty sure I heard my knees crack. I can’t express how much fun I had spending this special day with Kylee and Matt and I am so grateful that they chose us to capture all of the wonderful moments!

Congratulations Kylee and Matt!!