Caroline + Braden | Wedding Reception at the Bowden in Keller, TX

Party time!! And boy was it a party! I knew how much fun Caroline and Braden were just from photographing them over the year but I did not know just how much fun their families are! Braden and his mom started out their mother/son like any other dance, but then they jumped into a choreographed dance. It didn’t stop there, they then added in the rest of their family, including grandmother and then got Caroline’s whole family up there to all dance together! I tell you, these two families have some fun ideas and they definitely have fun together. I’m sure they have some amazing times ahead of them now that Caroline and Braden are married! I am so incredibly blessed to have had the privilege to photograph this amazing couple and their families. I am so sad that their big day is over, but so excited to see where this new adventure takes them!

Congratulations Caroline and Braden!