Grace + Jacob | Wedding Ceremony at Robert Carr Chapel, TCU

Grace and Jacob are married!! Like so many of our couples, Grace and Jacob were set to be married earlier this year and had to postpone. But the day finally came and they are now husband and wife!! Just because things look a little different right now, doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t still be beautiful and it definitely doesn’t mean that the moments and memories will be any less. If anything you’ll have even more moments and memories to look back on and these two are the perfect examples of all of this. And although their guest count was less than originally planned, loved ones from all over were still able to tune in and view the ceremony that was live-streamed by Turquoise Video. I’m sure they loved being able to witness Jacob and Grace make their vows to one another even if it couldn’t be in person. I am excited to share some of my favorite moments from their big day!