Hannah + Charles | First Look and Wedding Ceremony at The Windsor at Hebron Park

Oh, how I have looked forward to Hannah and Charles’ wedding day! These two are so absolutely precious and since the day I met them, I knew they were amazing and loving people. Each time I have photographed them has been so much fun and full of the sweetest moments and the wedding day was no different. After Hannah had her first look with her dad, she had a gift for both of her parents. She was overcome with emotion while reading the beautiful note she had written to them and her parents had tears in their eyes and even I was sobbing behind my camera! It was such a wonderful moment for the three of them and one I’m sure they will cherish. Hannah and Charles’ first look was just as much of a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m telling you, these two are couple goals! I want a relationship like theirs! Their first look (and ceremony) was full of tears, laughter, and joy and you really can’t ask for anything better. I love seeing the way these two love each other and I love seeing the way they love their family and friends. I cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the future. Check out their first look and ceremony and check back for their fun reception!