Sharon & Khoa | Wedding at City Club in Fort Worth

November 27, 2019

Sharon and Khoa’s wedding day was so much fun. These two New Yorkers really wanted their friends and family, most of whom were also visiting from out of town, to have a great time. And City Club in Downtown Fort Worth was a perfect location to wow their guests, and allow them to enjoy the city!

From the start of the day, Khoa kept busy attending to last minute details. He did so much to plan and execute the perfect day for he and his bride. It’s always fun when grooms take a great interest in planning, and he definitely did. And Sharon was quick to help her friends, as well, making sure they felt beautiful as bridesmaids and that everyone enjoyed the party.

From their first look on the rooftop, to our trek to Sundance Square, to Sharon’s quick costume change so they could show off their dance skills, I had such a great time with Sharon, Khoa and their awesome friends. I’m so glad I was able to be part of their special day!