Rachel & Chris – Wedding Reception at Ridglea Country Club

November 6, 2019

There was so much to love about Rachel and Chris’ wedding reception at Ridglea Country Club, but I especially enjoyed how they showcased their eclectic taste in music, their shared love for cats, and most of all, their deep appreciation for their family. 

In fact, Chris’ grandmother helped with the floral arrangements and the cakes! How cool is that?

When guests arrived, they were greeted by a long table filled with decades worth of wedding photos from both Rachel and Chris’ respective families. They were also greeted with a not-so-subtle seating chart that let them know where to eat, but that they should plan on spending most of the night on the dance floor. And let me tell you, they did!

Everything from Taylor Swift to Broadway hits to Rock Lobster, had guests   out of their seats and busting some pretty sweet moves. I loved seeing them have so much fun with their family and friends. They truly cherished every second of their special day, together!