Allison + Brady | Reception at The Fort Worth Club

What an amazing night! From the moment of stepping off of the elevators guests were immediately greeted with nice peaceful cocktail music and horderves. Allison and Brady were then introduced shortly after everyone was seated and the party began! With Downtown Fever performing, there was barely any room left on the dance floor, and then you add Superfrog into the mix and things really get exciting! With Allison, Brady and a lot of their guests being TCU alum (including myself) Superfrog is always a fun surprise. They enjoyed getting to dance on stage and take many photos with him before the night ended. I’m telling you, I could barely move around the dance floor it was so packed full of people! It was an amazing party and such a fun night, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. All of the guests lined up by the elevators while Allison and Brady enjoyed one last private dance together before being sent off on their honeymoon! Once they were through the cloud of flutterfetti, they made their way to a vintage Rolls Royce where they would drive off to start their new life together! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to know and photograph this amazing couple! Congratulations to Allison and Brady!