Rachel & Patrick | Wedding Ceremony at Stillwater Meadow

August 9, 2019

Rachel and Patrick’s wedding day was truly a family affair. It was so special how involved they made their loved ones feel right from the start.   Both Rachel and Patrick’s moms, along with a handful of her nieces and nephews, were there as she was getting her makeup and hair done. Then, after they were all done getting ready in Stillwater Meadow’s quaint little bridal cottage, she and her bridesmaids were able to walk right over to the chapel for the ceremony.

There she found Patrick waiting with a huge smile on his face. He was so excited to see his gorgeous bride! And who could blame him?
One of Rachel’s brothers officiated the ceremony, and one of Patrick’s brothers sang for them. Of course, it was her nephews that nearly stole the show in their adorable seersucker suspenders and bowties.
Patrick met Rachel while staying with a host family here in the U.S. He is originally from Denmark, where much of his family still lives. So it was extra special seeing some of his family meeting Rachel’s family for the first time at the wedding. Lots of hugs were exchanged.

After the ceremony, their families got to do even more bonding, by dancing the night away and practicing several cultural traditions, at their super fun and festive wedding reception. You won’t want to miss it.