Colleen + Andy |Wedding Ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Colleen and Andy are married!  It was such a pleasure to get to photograph this sweet couple.  I loved being able to hang out with them in the moments leading up to their vows.  Both were just so incredibly happy and couldn’t stop smiling.  My favorite part of the day was during the ceremony.  At St. Patrick’s I get to stand in a doorway that is located behind the altar.  From there I had the perfect view of the bride and groom and while everyone else was taking communion, I got to witness the cute little moments happening up at the altar.  I noticed that Andy really could not keep his eyes off of his beautiful bride.  Every chance he got, he was looking over at her.  They would have a few conversations that would often lead to some giggling and it was the sweetest thing.  Check out some of my favorite images from their ceremony!