I don’t think I’ve ever transitioned from laughing to crying and back again as much as I did at Taryn and Chris’ incredibly sweet and emotional wedding day. They are so cute together and super fun, and not surprisingly, they had an amazing group of friends and family there to cheer them on during their big day.

There were so many great moments. But some of my favorites included:

Witnessing Taryn’s dad talk to her on the phone; you could hear the excitement in his voice. Then, during their first look Taryn teared up, while her dad was just beaming with pride seeing his little girl in her wedding dress.
Her bridesmaids kept her laughing, and even burst out in songs a few times. (Impressively, I might add. These girls can sing!) Later they surprised her with a scrapbook they had made of some of their favorite memories with Taryn. They titled it, From Your Girls. How cute is that? It was the sweetest gift exchange I’ve seen in ages. So thoughtful and touching.
Honestly, she and Chris should teach classes in how to pick friends, because they were surrounded by the best. Chris’ groomsmen kept him laughing, as well, both with their funky socks and later their prom posing with one another.
After Chris and Taryn’s first look, they wanted to read letters they’d written to one another. That ended up being so emotional, we all needed a deep breath and a good laugh before heading to the chapel. Luckily, Taryn surprised Chris with the perfect boutonniere. One that showcased his first  love, for the Minnesota Vikings.
During their ceremony, their families were a combination of smiles and happy tears, before enthusiastically cheering them on as they made their spirited way out the chapel.
And the fun wasn’t over quite yet. Afterwards, we took some time to explore Taryn and many of her bridesmaids’ alma mater, TCU, before continuing the party over at Stonegate Masion.
– Jennifer