Every now and then you meet a couple that just makes you smile, like ear-to-ear smile. And Carron and Walt are certainly that kind of couple. I got to know them last summer when they were fellow vendors at one of my super sweet couple’s weddings. They had recently become engaged, and Carron was just beaming showing off her new rock. 
But I have to say, I left their engagement session absolutely giddy at getting to witness just how great (and cute) these two are together.
Carron and Walt were actually high school sweethearts, who apparently got in trouble for holding hands in the halls. (Not surprising when you see how adorable they are together now.) They parted ways for a while, but life and mutual friends helped them find their way back to one another. And they have been nearly inseparable ever since. 
In fact, they’re now business and life partners. And this fall I’ll get to be part of their wedding day, the next chapter in their love story several decades in the making. 
Thanks guys for trusting me to document such a special time in your lives. I feel super lucky to play witness to your unique and wonderful love story!
– Jennifer