Jenny + Logan | Wedding Ceremony at First United Methodist Church Fort Worth

Jenny and Logan are married!!  These two met at Jenny’s cousin’s wedding where Logan was the best man.  Her grandmother is actually the one who ended up setting them up at the wedding!

“A little while later he approached our table and introduced himself to me. Following introductions, there was an awkward silence as we tried to decide what to do next, but again my grandma intervened on my behalf asking grabbing Logan’s arm and asking, “Do you dance?” To which he laughed and replied, “Oh yeah!” “So does Jenny!” she exclaimed with a profound amount of enthusiasm. I’m sure my face could not have gotten more red, but nevertheless, he put out a hand and said, “I think that means we have to dance…” The rest is essentially history.” – Jenny

So now it is their turn!  The weather on their big day was all kinds of crazy.  Jenny said she pretty much knew it would rain on her wedding day, but I don’t think that “tornado watch” was something she would have predicted.  We were outside taking photos of Jenny and her bridesmaids (in almost complete darkness due to on-coming storms) and the moment we walked back inside, the bottom dropped out of the sky and it was torrential downpour!  Luckily the rain only continued through the ceremony and then disappeared by the time it was over and we had beautiful skies the rest of the day!

Check out some of my favorite images from Jenny and Logan’s ceremony!